The Benefit Consulting Group, LLC (BCG) designs, implements and administers executive benefit programs for credit unions. For more than a decade, our programs have distinguished themselves by producing superior results for plan participants – and for the credit unions that use executive retirement plans to attract and retain the executive talent they need to compete successfully in the challenging financial marketplace.

Even in combination with Social Security, “qualified” plans such as 401(k) and pension programs typically come up short in providing the resources executive level employees require to maintain their lifestyles in retirement. BCG’s “nonqualified” retirement plans allow credit unions to help their executives fill those retirement income gaps – and, when properly designed, at little or no cost to the credit union.

Non-Qualified Programs Include:
  • Defined Benefit Plans – A guaranteed benefit to the executive
  • Defined Contribution Plans – The Benefit is tied to the investment performance of a specific asset
  • Post-Retirement Health Care Plans – Provide affordable post-retirement healthcare for key executives
  • Split Dollar Plans – A death benefit paid to the executive’s beneficiary


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